Clean, accessible water for all is an essential part of the world we want to live in. There is sufficient fresh water on the planet to achieve this. But due to bad economics or poor infrastructure, every year millions of people, most of them are children, suffer from diseases associated with inadequate water supply, sanitation and hygiene. JSP, in it's endeavour to ensure clean and safe drinking water and adequate sanitation infrastructure, has taken up a number of initiatives and measures in this regard

Alignment with Global Goals, National Priorities & Local Context:

Clean Water and Sanitation is identified as one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (Goal 6). At the JSP Foundation, we believe this can be addressed at community level so as to meet the bigger challenges of water crisis and sanitation. Efforts are put in to make clean and safe drinking water available and accessible to the local communities. As part of this, the Foundation has been undertaking various measures to address the water needs.

While sanitation remains a priority, our focus is simultaneously for providing the clean water at door step. Our efforts are centred in providing clean water and sanitation to every person in every community we work in, including the most vulnerable ones. The programme(s) are designed to address the water and sanitation needs in the tribal predominant area and interior rural pockets.

The Key Initiatives under this Programme are:

  • Drinking Water Facility Creation: Provision of Potable Water and Distribution of clean and safe drinking water through tankers
  • Installation of Water ATM'S and Mobile Water Vans
  • Open Defecation Free Program
  • Community sanitation
 Drinking Water & Sanitation

Water ATMs (3 numbers) are established in collaboration with CREDA in Tamnar and Raigarh for providing safe and clean drinking water for preventing the incidence of water borne diseases.

Excess Iron Removal Plant: Iron contamination in the drinking water is prevalent in Barbil area that causes health issues to the residents. To provide with safe drinking water in the villages, 2 units of excess Iron removal Plants are installed in Deojhar Gram Panchayat at Barbil. In a unique partnership model the facility was created by district administration and JSP Foundation jointly. The technology does not require electricity and is been cleaned with back filter process in a periodic manner. The system operates with zero operating cost and provides safe drinking water to the community.

Mobile chilled and safe drinking water vans dispense cold water to the local community throughout the year in Angul in odisha and Raigarh in Chhattisgarh. The facilities are benefitting more than 5000 individuals on regular basis. At Angul, two chilled drinking water tankers is providing potable water to over 10,00,000 people.

 Drinking Water & Sanitation

To ensure potable safe drinking water at the household level for the local communities living in the vicinity of JSP's business locations, the JSP Foundation has undertaken multidimensional efforts addressing problems in drinking water availability by construction and maintenance of overhead tanks with pipe lines, bore wells, hand pumps at community places, schools and villages. Moreover, supply of potable water through water tanker during the stress period and with the customised Mobile Chilled water tanker, providing chilled drinking water throughout the year.

JSP Foundation also has been addressing problems in drinking water availability by installing tube wells and solar based facilities in the communities, schools. During pre- monsoon servicing and disinfection of water sources, repair and maintenance of such facilities including deepening of ponds and water bodies few major activities undertaken.

Through this initiative :

  • 18 lakhs+ people are benefitting
  • 290 Tube well with Hand-pump installed at All location
  • 38 Overhead water tanks at (Tensa, Patratu, Angul, Barbil, Raigarh & Tamnar)
  • 3 Customized Mobile Van supplying chilled drinking water throughout the year, 3 Water ATM's and 2 excess Iron Removal Plants.
  • No cases of vector borne diseases have been identified due to provision of safe drinking water facilities in our periphery villages.
  • Reduction in women drudgery is a major challenge addressed through these initiatives.
 Drinking Water & Sanitation

Embracing the Govt. programme "Swachh Bharat Mission" to make India open defecation free, JSP Foundation has taken up this initiative by constructing toilets for communities and schools at large. Our goal is to make a visible impact on the health and hygiene of children, their families and communities through improving both, their health and hygiene practices as well as the supporting infrastructure. The Open Defecation Free (ODF) Program has been done in collaboration with the District Administration at all locations. The activities in the MoU included triggering process, toilet construction by individual households, Open Defecation Free Declaration and the Follow-up monitoring. In joint collaboration with Janpad Panchyat Tamnar and JSP Foundation, 15879 toilets were constructed by Janpad Panchyat at Tamnar. This played a critical role in making all villages of block, open defecation free through CLTS (Community Led Total Sanitation) Programme based on Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) programme. Through all these efforts Block Tamnar was declared ODF in 2015-16 and since then the Foundation is continuing the Behaviour Change Communication programme for sustaining the ODF status through the Swasthya Sanginis in all 38 villages of Tamnar as a result, 30,000 families using toilets after intensive awareness in the remote area.

 Drinking Water & Sanitation

In alignment with the Swachh Bharat Mission, JSP Foundation has been pursuing its sanitation efforts in all its business location and vicinity.Sensitizing the community on sanitation to make them Swacch villages, hygiene practices and sanitation awareness drives are organised in the villages. Sanitation drives are carried out at locations of intervention and regular awareness and sensitization programmes are being driven in association with village youths, school children and community people.

To maintain the health & hygiene in the village regular awareness sessions are being conducted through village meetings. In alignment with the Swachh Bharat Mission, JSP Foundation has been pursuing its sanitation efforts in all its business location and vicinity.

Sensitizing the community on sanitation or Swacch villages, hygiene practices and sanitation awareness drives are organised at villages. These sessions are carried out involves the youths, children, women and elderly persons from communities. In these sessions, emphasis on use of toilets, hand washing benefits, use of soaps and hand wash, use of sanitizers, and basic hygiene cleanliness drive in the villages, awareness sessions on health are carried out. Awareness on proper use of toilet is being done. Besides this, training on safe disposal of garbages and household wastes are being imparted.